Dr. Petra Schmöller

Project partnerin

5 years of leadership experience

15 years of consulting & moderation

Dr. Petra Schmöller

Projekt Partnerin

5 years leadership experience

15 years consulting and moderation

I am fascinated by managers and their behavior and thought patterns on an individual and organizational level. This is especially true under today’s pressure for change.

This is where I put my heart and soul into my training, consulting and coaching work. I support comprehensive leadership programs (national and international), as well as workshops as part of organizational development processes through to individual and team coaching.

The basis for my work is, on the one hand, my extensive business management work and training, and, on the other hand, my psychological training. My five years of work at Volkswagen Coaching GmbH enabled me to gain both my own management experience and project experience in a large corporation.

I have been working as a project partner for Goll Consulting since 2006.



    • Training
    • Coaching


    • Self-management
    • Role clarity
    • Conflict management
    • Dealing with power


    • Team development
    • Change Management
    • Corporate culture
    • Dialog conferences