Hans Walter Goll

Founder and advisory board

Diploma in ecotrophology

30 years of leadership experience

20 years of editing & moderation


Gründer und Beirat

Diplom Oecotrophologe

30 Jahre Führungserfahrung

20 Jahre Beratung & Moderation

"Dialogue creates shared insights and is the basis for sustainable decisions, commitment and the will to implement"

I founded Goll Consulting in 1998 and was the managing partner until the handover in 2021. I was able to bring my in-depth leadership experience as an entrepreneur and board member as well as my passion for moderating advice, effective training and coaching into the partnership with our numerous customers. It’s always about tailor-made, practice-relevant solutions and individual success stories.

In 2021, I handed Goll Consulting over to Axel Beßlich, who had helped shape our company as a partner and senior partner for 15 years. I am very happy about this succession solution and am enjoying my new phase of life with a lot of freedom and free time. I remain associated with Goll Consulting as an advisory board member and still advise customers to a small extent, especially on generational changes and as an advisory board member.


  • Accompanying generational changes
  • Advisory board mandates
  • Investor and advisor to start-ups


  • Entrepreneurship from a young age

  • Extensive successful leadership experience as managing director, board of directors, supervisory board and advisory board

  • Passionate about our integrated approach of consulting, moderation, training and coaching

  • Pragmatism, partnership, effectiveness