Effective facilitation significantly supports a professionally high quality of results, acceptance of those involved and commitment to the implementation

We draw from the experience of over 1,000 facilitated events per year with all levels in small and large companies. These include strategy workshops, project workshops, workshops with a professional focus, teambuilding workshops, conflict facilitation and interactive conferences, which we call dialog conferences.

Our facilitators have a wide repertoire of methods, excellent communication expertise, and distinguish themselves by their target-oriented approach. The facilitators ensure the participant's involvement is expedient, the statements are concise and the various different perspectives are transparent. They promote decision-making and safeguard the results and the implementation process.

Often one of the important roles is to sum up what has been said or to stimulate the cognitive and decision processes with an external perspective.

Our commitment to effective facilitation:

  • Tailor-made, target-oriented and flexible in the process
  • Empowering those involved in their role and their responsibilities
  • Vibrant dialog amongst the participants
  • Quick, thorough results
  • Conciseness - we sum up the statements
  • Effective processing of the results
  • Our facilitators' people and communication skills, steering capability of communication flow and clear professional vision