Thank you for the successful cooperation in partnership, the co-creative concept development and your numerous further recommendations.


Danke für die partnerschaftliche erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit, die ko-kreative Konzeptentwicklung und Ihre zahlreichen Weiterempfehlungen


This summer we celebrate our 25th anniversary. This milestone would not have been possible without the successful partnership, the co-creative concept development and your numerous recommendations. Therefore, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty and trust.

Hans-Walter Goll founded our consulting and training company in 1998. Together with the team, he has shaped dialogic business facilitation and dialogic consulting formats as well as effective leadership programs and interactive large groups.

Since 2000, our home has been in Bonn Bad Godesberg on the Rhine. From there, we work for our clients in over 25 countries. The success and the associated continuous growth led to the investment in our Coaching Haus, where we have also been happy to welcome you, dear clients, as guests and for smaller events since 2008. In 2021 Hans-Walter Goll handed over the company to Axel Beßlich. He has already helped shape the company for over 20 years as a partner and senior partner.

From the very beginning, the success of our customers has been the focus of our thoughts and actions. Our holistic approach includes the development of strategic goals, implementation concepts adapted to these goals and support in practice. This also includes the qualification of executives in customized leadership programs.


“SUCCESS VIA DIALOG” has been the core of our brand since the beginning of our consulting activities. With this credo in mind, we have further developed our consulting and training approaches in recent years:

  • Effective conference and workshop concepts for online, hybrid and presence formats.
  • Dialogic strategy reviews – short-cycle for turbulent times
  • Leadership Journeys with hybrid architecture, new topical themes and a comprehensive media library
  • Tools and approaches for cultural transformation processes such as New/Next Work or Mindset Change
  • Dialogical development of attractive employer journeys and sustainable concepts for effectively dealing with the shortage of skilled workers