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developed by dialog and implemented sustainably

Successful strategies are not only convincing by content, but are jointly supported by management, anchored in the organization and implemented sustainably. For achieving these goals, dialogical strategy development is our method of choice. Dialogical strategy development creates an intensive knowledge process of the leadership and strategy team. This creates an initial basis for implementation.

As experienced strategy facilitators and sparring partners for business content, we support you in your specific strategy process with a fresh view from the outside. This can be a compact strategy check, a substantial development of a successful strategy or the systematic development of new strategies. We design the strategy process, bring in useful tools, and external expertise and facilitate your strategy workshops. During implementation, we support you with organizational anchoring and functioning change management.

Over the past years, we have developed strategies together with more than 50 medium-sized companies, associations and international corporations and have successfully supported their implementation.


  • We support internal strategy teams and management from strategy development to implementation.
  • We design a specific strategy process with you - as compact as possible, as complex as necessary. We include the perspectives of all relevant stakeholders.
  • We facilitate dialogical strategy workshops, strategy conferences as well as strategy camps and ensure goal-oriented commitment.
  • We bring in target-oriented methods - from the application of analyzing tools to the development of creative processes.
  • We are a sparring partner in terms of content and ensure the professional quality of the strategy.
  • We enable and coach leaders at all levels for strategic management.



  • We develop implementation concepts and accompany the realization.
  • We support target group-oriented strategy communication.
  • We link the strategy with the annual planning.
  • We design the change process associated with strategy implementation.
  • During implementation, we conduct key events for leadership teams, departments, or the entire company.
  • We empower and coach managers of all levels and teams for strategic leadership.

I have known and appreciated GOLL Consulting for many years.

Regardless of whether GOLL Consulting supported us in developing business strategies, in change projects, or in executing conferences for large groups, the dialogical approach has always been goal-oriented and the key to success.

The dialog is always aligned in two directions: the dialog with the managers responsible for a topic clarifies goals and expectations, the dialog with the large user group delivers content emphatically and individually.

With their expertise, the colleagues from Goll Consulting have always helped us to take definite steps forward. Not by using standard solutions, but by applying procedures and solutions that are tailored for our company.

Dr. Achim Ernst, Head of Corporate Development, TÜV Rheinland AG