Employee surveys are the promise that action will follow

The diagnosis through an employee survey is not enough - the critical success factor is the follow-up process which is derived from it. Employees quite rightly expect feedback on the results, consequences to be derived from them. Employees quite rightly expect to be involved in the subsequent steps. Therefore, the survey itself is only the starting point and not the main part.

The sustainable follow-up process requires "holistic change management".
If you wish to derive sustainable corporate development from the results of an employee survey, holistic change management is essential. Holistic change management comprises the alignment of strategies, structures, processes and tools, as well as the corporate culture with its values, norms, rules and typical behavior patterns. Holistic means reaching the employee both cognitively and emotionally.

Although the starting points and objectives are different, there are some success factors that are generally valid:

  • Clear responsibility
  • Attractive target image
  • Consistent integration
  • Systematic process
  • Large steps at the beginning
  • Successful key events (workshops and dialog conferences)
  • Dialogical communication
  • Systematic monitoring