You define the objective – we support you effectively on the path to a high-performance organization

Organizational development is the targeted development of the organization's structures, the processes, the culture and the people. The objectives of the organizational development are determined by the organizational strategy. Organizational development is a development process which is designed to be medium to long-term, continuous and sustainable.

In larger organizations we advise the management and those departments or employees who are responsible for the organizational development. In middle-sized companies, that do not have their own organizational development, we often take over the role of the organizational development for a defined period of time. The tasks range from team building via reorganization support to change management up to fully blown development programs of a desired corporate culture.

The aim is to find the approaches with the largest impact. Frequent focal topics are:

  • Adapting the structures and processes to a growth strategy
  • Adapting the structures and processes to a restructuring measure
  • Balance between centralization and decentralization
  • Revitalization of a mission statement, strengthen common direction
  • Developing and practicing a common leadership understanding
  • Optimizing the cooperation and communication across divisions
  • Enhancing the service excellence
  • Realignment of the personnel development

The concept of the learning organization is a special approach to achieve organizational development. We have enhanced the concept which was introduced by Peter Senge to make it more practice orientated and have successfully implemented it in various sectors, in cooperation with our customers. Some parts, such as the introduction of teamwork and CIP (continuous improvement process), have facilitated a demonstrable improvement in productivity and also in the corporate culture.

We have the best experience from more than 100 small, large and very complex organizational development projects.