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We support you on your way to an efficient organization

This includes a sustainable corporate culture, a goal-oriented organizational design and excellent company-wide collaboration. These topics should be viewed in a networked way, as they influence each other.

There is no universal answer for the right organizational design and the desired corporate culture. Even if certain forms of organization are often derived as a matter of necessity due to increasing complexity and a disruptive market environment. These standard solutions sometimes miss the point. Company-specific solutions apply to both the organizational design and the corporate culture.

Goals such as customer orientation, flexibility, ability to change, personal responsibility, healthy performance culture and influencing factors such as digitization, new business models and changing employee expectations must be specifically translated and incorporated into organizational development.

The consultants at Goll Consulting have a keen sense for individual personalities and tailored organizational consulting and development, especially on an international level.

Understanding existing processes and teams requires a great deal of sensitivity before the optimization can start. Goll Consulting is highly professional in conception, efficient in implementation and convincing on a personal level in coaching and support.

For more than 10 years, we have been enjoying working with Goll Consulting.

Enzo Pezzolla, Vice President HR EMEA, Orion Engineered Carbons