Learning organization to tap into the learning potential on all levels

„The art of real learning is to see everyday life in a new light." (Kükelhaus)

Successful companies distinguish themselves particularly by adapting to changes and new requirements quicker than their competitors. The companies that learn quicker, stay in front of the competition. However "Learning organization" does not only mean to be sending employees to seminars.

The concept of the learning organization was developed by Peter Senge. Various related approaches have been successfully put into practice. Porsche calls it the "vital organization", Festo the "learning company" and 3M the "innovation culture". The companies that we accompany on the consistent path to becoming a learning organization, are the benchmarks of their sectors.

The learning organization distinguishes itself by a dynamic, target-oriented, effective corporate culture in which development - everybody learning together - is one of the main values. Learning is not the same as solving problems. The ability to learn refers to the reflection and self-observation, in which the person's own maxims and basics are constantly questioned.

The aim of the learning organization is to develop the learning potential on all levels of the organization. The concept leads to higher employee satisfaction, more independence, dedication and commitment. Learning barriers are dismantled; the willingness to learn is improved.

In the learning organization the employee is the person who takes the initiative and plans, organizes and carries out their own learning independently. The employees' freedom to act and to make decisions is usually extended. The employees' responsibility for the quality and quantity of the products that they produce and the services they provide is also increased.