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... as a business enabler

Assessments are a relevant and decisive occasion. Participants meet senior observers, leaders take their time and expectations are high as diagnostic tools generate substantive insights which are oftentimes used for placement and development decisions. Hence, at GOLL we see ourselves as consultants at eye level. We are sensitive, crystal-clear about the process and convey a clear position. Psychological safety and a wholesome balance between challenging tasks on the one hand and an appreciative atmosphere on the other are key to us.

As competent partners, we support you in a wide variety of formats with different aims and requests. We support you within the framework of individual assessments, group assessments or development centers. You can choose from a number of tried-and-tested formats to gauge skills for relevant positions or development impulses for talents.

We gladly adapt the formats to your challenges in order to ensure a realistic and relevant competency assessment. Upon request, we can create tailor-made individual final reports which serve as an excellent resource for further personnel development measures. Furthermore, we are happy to integrate psychometric test procedures into the assessments to broaden diagnostic perspectives.

We accompany you throughout the entire assessment process: if desired, we manage the invitations, briefing of all stakeholders and the actual implementation including simulations, consolidations and subsequently final reports that are tailored to your needs and requirements. Within the different potential analysis formats we proceed in a challenging, appreciative, coaching-oriented, structured and goal-oriented. It is imperative for us to strike a sensible balance between inspiring insights on the one hand and a great experience on the other.

Below, you find an overview of the formats we offer to support, assess and develop leadership within your organization.

Potential Analysis formats – tailored to your business needs

  • Structured process for assessing skills as well as potential
  • Challenges are based on your corporate culture in terms of content and language
  • Duration of the assessments individually adaptable
  • Use of standardized tasks or company-relevant individualization
  • Usually used for positions to be filled
  • Creation of an objectified basis for decision-making
  • Structured process for assessing skills and potential
  • Challenges of the assessment are based on a higher management level - this also applies to the use of consultants
  • Duration of the assessments can be customized
  • Tailor-made tool that maps current and appropriate topics and challenges at top management level or use of standardized tools that are located in the top management environment
  • Generation of objectified, multi-perspective results for your valid decision in strategically relevant positions
  • Highly customizeable tool for assessing potential and competencies
  • Adaptation of the content, cultural characteristics and simulated requirements to very specific vacancies at all levels in the company
  • Creation of a valid decision-making basis for filling specific positions or providing position-specific development impulses for position holders
  • Assessment tool that evaluates skills and potential in a structured manner in the context of digital working environments
  • Structured process that leads to a valid basis for decision-making
  • Format provides an objectified competence analysis that makes a valid statement about competences that are relevant in digital contexts
  • Tasks are embedded in the digital/hybrid context and represent realistic challenges to generate substantive competency-oriented statements
  • Assessment approach that integrates a strong systemic component in the format’s design
  • Analysis of potential changes in teams – especially in senior management
  • Development and provision of objectified (systemically-oriented) analyzes that can be used as a building block for changes in the context of a management team
  • Individualized approach providing realistic challenges at management team level
  • Development-oriented approach that identifies and defines the development potential of your high potentials and talents
  • Possible implementation at individual level as well as at group level
  • Customizable development tool for all company levels
  • Identification and description of personal development areas as well as tailor-made development reports that can be excellently integrated into the HR work
  • Cross-linked group formats or time-efficient individual formats
  • Focus on standardized business challenges or very specific area challenges according to your needs
  • Development tool with exclusive feedback character
  • Focus is on specific challenges of the currently held position that do not trigger an immediate change of responsibility but offer a dedicated development-oriented feedback
  • Development tool for professionals and managers at all levels of the organization
  • Standardized or customized formats depending on your business needs
  • Development-oriented assessment approach for young professionals
  • Assessment tool that makes valid statements on relevant competencies at the young professional level
  • Challenges set in a very dynamic and experience-oriented scenario
  • Orientation format that offers initial inspiration as to the direction in which young professionals want to develop within the organization
  • Perfect fit as an integral part for trainee programs as well
  • Development and support of 360-degree feedback processes
  • Coaching for 360-degree feedback, development-oriented support for specialists and managers in the process
  • Roll-out the 360-degree format within your organization including stakeholder briefing and management
  • Providing and advising on best practices when integrating the tool into your company's leadership development landscape