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Be strong in implementation as a leadership team – a practice-oriented team process

Every leadership team benefits from the fact that from time to time, far away from the daily routine, it is time to get ready for upcoming challenges - time for effective team development. Depending on the occasion, this can be:

  • a workshop
  • an accompaniment in everyday life (shadowing)
  • a team event
  • coaching

For us, the "mean of choice" is the dialogical approach. A structured, lively dialog creates joint insights, shared knowledge, supported results and the commitment to implementation. The goals and challenges are first on the agenda. After the "what", the "how" is clarified, i.e. the goal-oriented collaboration is reflected and optimized.

Every team development measure requires an individual approach. A careful clarification of the assignment is the basis for the concept. During the implementation, we use a variety of methods from dialogical business facilitation, conflict resolution tools to experience-oriented and creative processes. Over the past 10 years, we have successfully carried out more than 1,000 team workshops for top players of the German economy and international corporations. These included small and large teams from all areas.

Exemplary formats for leadership team development 

Every team workshop requires a tailor-made approach. The current occasion, challenges and goals of the team are the basis for us to design the actions. After careful clarification of the assignment, we develop the design. Typical formats are:

The leadership team works on strategy, leadership and collaboration

Check the team strategy derived from the corporate or division strategy

Changes are tackled together

A new team makes a powerful start or a new business year / project begins

Completion of a successful project / fiscal year

Conflicts are mastered constructively

Applying a structured, holistic training concept, Goll Consulting has given us valuable support in the personal development of our strategic consultants.

Furthermore, Hans-Walter Goll personally contributed as trainer and coach to our leadership team, transforming it into a high-performing team.

Daniel Eckmann, Managing Director Center for Strategic Projects, Deutsche Telekom AG