Our services for target-oriented leadership programs

  • Together with you, we carry out a precise assessment of the needs from a company point of view and also from a target group point of view.
  • We develop tailor-made concepts for you with a holistic program architecture, consisting of face-to-face and transfer modules.
  • We combine business objectives and the organizational development with the personal development of your managers.
  • We use a tried and tested standard model, but also utilize your understanding of leadership, your mission statement and your practiced leadership experience.
  • We train, coach and advise managers from all levels.
  • We have our own management and leadership experience and incorporate this practically into the training.
  • We use attractive, target-oriented methods that ensure the practical relevance and the transfer into the day-to-day operative management.
  • On request, we can carry out the organization of the entire program.
  • In addition to the programs, we design supplementary individual training with a consistent system and didactics.