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Company-specific – for all leadership levels

Tailor-made for your company

Inhouse trainings offer significant advantages compared to open offers:

  • Content and didactics are company-specific.
  • The leaders are learning together – with and from colleagues, which supports joint implementation in practice.
  • Working on specific practical cases increases understanding of other functions in the company.
  • Networking of the leaders is strengthened.
  • For this purpose, the essential models, e.g. for leadership, communication and change management are used consistently and the company's internal management instruments are taken into account.

In addition to personal competence development, the results are a better common understanding of leadership and consistent management practice.

We consult in the conception of an internal training offer or an internal academy. These can be individual effective trainings, blended learning concepts and comprehensive qualification programs.

Our trainers contribute with their own leadership experience and focus on practical relevance. We work together with your internal trainers as a team.