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practice-relevant and effective

Our dialogical coaching complements classical coaching with consulting elements and sparring!

For us, coaching is more than methodical coaching competence. We also contribute as consultant and sparring partner content wise. This opens up new perspectives and insights by dialog at eye level. Your own expertise and practical implementation skills are mobilized. For independent processing and implementation, you can also use the well-proven Goll self-coaching.

We offer coaching as face-to-face coaching, as a combination of face-to-face and telephone coaching or as blended coaching with online elements.

The right coaching for your needs

The focus is on business topics such as strategy, business plan and change management projects. The coaching supports your own clarity and security in upcoming business decisions and accompanies you with process and method competence in the consistent and goal-oriented implementation of your plans.

We accompany, support, coach and consult you in challenging management situations in which your sovereignty and effectiveness as a leader are essential. These can be important leadership moments in day-to-day business as well as difficult team situations, employee conflicts and upcoming feedback, criticism or separation meetings.

We accompany, support, coach and consult you on personal issues and questions that play a role in your professional life. That can be topics from your professional career, the private life balance in a crisis or individual reorientation.

In this coaching, you work on and enhance your individually most significant impact factors. Thereby, you can increase your authentic impact especially for certain practical situations and special appearances, e.g. challenging conversations, presentations or management situations.

In shadowing, a coach accompanies you in everyday situations. The coach observes your behavior and your impact. This gives a special quality to the evaluation and derivation of the next development steps.

We would be pleased to recommend a coach most suited for you and your needs.