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Interactive meetings, workshops and conferences

Many companies are faced with the challenge of keeping day-to-day business going despite Corona, continuing ongoing projects and making the crisis period meaningful and productive. Meeting restrictions and the increased use of home office requires a change in communication and good management of virtual teams.

Online formats instead of face-to-face meetings are currently the rule. As in face-to-face meetings, a high-quality dialogical business facilitation is essential in virtual meetings. This depends on the dialogical attitude of the facilitator, a target-oriented dialogical guideline and good discussion techniques. In addition, the sensible use of interactive tools such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, or Teams is important. These enable live documentation, breakout sessions, votings, etc.

Conceptually, online meetings should have some special features compared to face-to-face meetings. These include shorter units, briefer inputs, more structured dialogs, more interactions, more frequent securing of results and other emotional anchoring elements. The facilitator often also has to take care of technical restrictions and master these in a situation-specific way.

Online facilitation has already been an increasing component of our work in recent years. The Corona crisis has increased the need for it considerably.

Together with our customers we have developed and successfully implemented various tailor-made digital formats:

We design online workshops, project meetings and team development workshops and provide the technical tools, if necessary. Our professional online facilitators ensure a goal-oriented and interactive workshop.

We have supported to convert executive and sales conferences from presence to virtual.

Video presentations, break-out sessions, visualization of dialogs, chats, transparency voting, individual transfer planning and emotional elements were used.

The participants appreciate the valuable results in terms of content, strengthening of their digital competence and the motivating effect.

Instead of already planned workshop series, we develop an alternative, goal-oriented design with you and execute the online sequences.

Whenever possible, we prefer blended learning and blended coaching. The proportion of online training and virtual team workshops has been increasing steadily. The formats should be derived from the objectives and not apply methods for the sake of methods.

Your virtual meetings in a new quality - we are pleased to consult and support you!

  • We support - pragmatically and quickly effective
  • We look over your shoulder during your virtual meetings and give direct, individual feedback with suggestions for improvement (shadowing).
  • We put together an online training "virtual meetings in a new quality" with short units - individual and tailor-made - that is exactly in line with your current strengths and challenges.
  • We plan and conduct particularly challenging meetings together.
  • In the evaluation you will also derive consequences for your other meetings.

Planning and execution of online facilitations