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Successful meetings through dialogical business facilitation

This independent and very successful method has been developed out of practice experience and differs from other "facilitation methods". It is a consistently goal-oriented, beneficial, pragmatic and highly effective method.

The facilitators have business understanding and design communication and knowledge processes effectively and efficiently. They draw from a complete repertoire of systematics and tools ranging from classic to agile, which are used precisely according to goal, context and dynamics.

Goals of dialogical business facilitation

Dialogical business facilitation is the tool of choice!

We benefit from 20 years of experience with more than 20,000 facilitations in all industries. This makes our portfolio very comprehensive:

  • Complex strategy development or change processes
  • Mission statement workshops
  • Top management meetings
  • Leadership team check ups
  • Project meetings
  • Technical workshops
  • Team development
  • Conflict facilitation
  • Interactive dialogue conferences with large and very large groups

Dialogical business facilitation always ensures a common understanding, well-founded findings, clear results, energy for implementation - often combined with lightness and team spirit.

With Goll Consulting I look back at almost 10 years of good and very successful cooperation.

During this time, we have executed dialogical conferences in 3 companies in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. This has improved e.g. teamwork significantly, cultural discrepancies have been overcome, focus and efficiency have increased, and cooperation has been strengthened with a sustainable impact.

Through support in change management – especially in complex change processes, leadership development, facilitation and coaching – there was considerable added value for my divisions and the entire company.

Detlef Steinmetz, CIO Avast Software s.r.o.