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Interactive participation, excellent results and high energy to implement

Dialog conferences are working meetings with a lasting effect on content and emotions, with a consistently high quality of dialog in all modules of a conference. Dialog quality ...

  • ... enables an intensive exchange of information and good listening,
  • ... common reflecting and shared insights,
  • ... promotes a high quality of results in terms of content,
  • ... strengthens motivation, identification and commitment for implementation,
  • ... allows you to experience the culture you want and
  • ... supports collegiality, collaboration and networking.

With goal-oriented active participation, high dialog quality and experience-oriented methods, large groups can be won over to strategies and concepts and the common will to implement them can be strengthened.

The design of dialog conferences is tailored depending on the objectives. The facilitation of dialog conferences is a separate discipline and differs from journalistic or small group facilitation. We bring in the experience gained from the conception and facilitation of more than 1,000 projects – and yet make your dialog conference unique.

We distinguish between 6 types of dialog conferences:

To develop strategies and concepts or for resolving a specific problem with a selected group of participants.

For communication and implementation of decided changes such as a "new" strategy, new structures or a merger. Change conferences create an understanding of the change and motivate the participants to help shape the change.

Motivation and alignment of the company or division towards specific goals, e.g. sales meeting, kick off conference, product presentations.

Large group training for networked learning or as an innovation workshop to learn from and with each in a practical way.

To improve market and customer understanding, customer loyalty, joint concept development and for integrating customers into strategic development.

For the implementation of strategies, the design of change projects and for the further development of the leadership culture.

A cascade-like process is typical of this. Dialog-based leadership conferences are often the better alternative.

With Goll Consulting I look back at almost 10 years of good and very successful cooperation.

During this time, we have executed dialogical conferences in 3 companies in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. This has improved e.g. teamwork significantly, cultural discrepancies have been overcome, focus and efficiency have increased, and cooperation has been strengthened with a sustainable impact.

Through support in change management – especially in complex change processes, leadership development, facilitation and coaching – there was considerable added value for my divisions and the entire company.

Detlef Steinmetz, CIO Avast Software s.r.o.