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Senior Partner Goll Consulting

Graduated (Diplom) in Business Administration (BA)
25 years leadership experience
10 years training and consulting

"We cannot foresee the future - but we can shape it."

Whether as HR manager of a large German software company, in leading positions with DAX-listed companies such as Linde AG, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, and Deutsche Telekom AG, or as managing director of the Haufe Akademie Inhouse Training and Consulting - I have always been fascinated by the recognition and development of potential, but also by the best possible interaction between people and organization.

The topics I have dealt with since then today are more relevant than ever: Top executive development, talent management, leadership and change management are both a business challenge and important elements of sustainable success.

Since 2020, I am Senior Partner with Goll Consulting. I carry out international projects in German and English.

Location: Darmstadt


  • LEADERSHIP especially under the influence of digitization and New Work
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT as a leadership competence
  • HR MANAGEMENT with a focus on strategy, organization, talent, succession and diversity management
  • DIVERSITY as a success factor for leadership and corporate development


  • Project management and project support
  • Workshop facilitation - presence and virtual formats
  • Keynotes speeches
  • Trainings
  • Coaching and sparring