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Partner Goll Consulting

Graduated (Diplom) in Business Administration
10 years consulting, facilitation and training
10 years project management

"The quality of the dialog is crucial for the commitment and implementing results.”

My work focuses on supporting change management projects in national and international contexts, as well as facilitating team development, leadership development programs, workshops and dialog conferences. In addition to a solid foundation of practical methods, I use an iterative approach and agile methods in my project work.

After various positions in IT and a part-time business studies degree with focus on business psychology and conflict management, I gained experience in machinery industry. There I worked as assistant to management board and in the field of human resource I accompanied change processes and facilitated international workshops and trainings.

I have been working for Goll Consulting since 2011. After 5 years as Senior Consultant and 3 years as an Associate Partner, I am now Partner at Goll Consulting since 2020.


  • Dialogical facilitation
  • Change management
  • Leadership team development
  • Team development
  • Strategy facilitation
  • Project management


  • Degree in Business Administration
  • IT systems technician
  • Train the Trainer
  • Systematic consultant (ISB)
  • EQ-i 2.0 (emotional intelligence)
  • Co-creative facilitation
  • Organizational design (Nagel)
  • Process Inquiry
  • Professional Scrum Master I


  • "European Service Award" RICOH Deutschland GmbH, 2007 
  • Special Mentions, SIEMENS AG Köln, 2003