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Partner Goll Consulting

Graduated (Diplom) in Economics
15 years leadership experience
15 years training and consulting

"Leadership is all about relationships and making smart decisions."

In my view, the creation of leadership relationships is the most challenging task of management. In 15 years – both as a freelancer and as the CEO of the European retail and service group EK/servicegroup with 2500 outlets – I have been able to experience how crucial successful leadership is and what challenges it poses for managers.

As a coach and trainer, I now passionately accompany managers with the aim of successfully shaping their leadership relationships. I have been a partner at Goll Consulting since 2006 and work as a coach, consultant and trainer.

  1. COACH
    In individual coaching I accompany executives on the level of managing directors, division and department managers.
    Making "wise decisions" is a creative act of responsible management. In my role as a consultant and facilitator I structure and support such processes effectively.
    My main focus as a management trainer is the conception and implementation of management trainings, both for junior executives and top management. I am also an expert for international learning trips to Africa and Asia, among other places.

Sustainability and personal responsibility are not only important to me in my consulting work. That is why I have been a member of various international committees since 2005, working to give people in developing countries the opportunity to become entrepreneurs through microfinance.


  • Leadership training
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Mediation


  • Graduate economist
  • Systemic training (Taunus Institute, Walper)
  • General management St. Gallen
  • Agile methods