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Founder and adviser

Graduated in Nutrition Science
30 years management experience
20 years consulting & facilitation

"Dialog creates common knowledge and is the basis for viable decisions, commitment and the will to implement."

Immediately after my studies, I gained first experiences as a consultant and trainer. Afterwards, I was enthusiastic about operational and strategic work for 20 years as a successful entrepreneur, managing director and board member. By founding Goll Consulting in 1998, I combined both – my well-founded leadership experience and my passion for dialogical consulting, training and coaching.

My own leadership experience has shaped my consulting, training and coaching approach as well as sound further education in consulting methodology, humanistic psychology, systemic consulting and dialogical facilitation.

My professional passion is to support executives and management teams to achieve sustainable success. There are no patent approaches for this, only individual, tailor-made, practice-oriented solutions.

Again and again, I am pleased and motivated to be able to make a relevant contribution to our clients, even in difficult situations, through dialogical business facilitation and a fresh view from the outside.

Today, I mainly work with top management and design implementation-oriented strategy and transformation processes. As an expert for effective leadership, I develop innovative and successful leadership programs for all management levels together with HR managers.

I also consult other consulting firms, am a member of supervisory boards and frequent keynote speaker on leadership and management topics.


  • Top management consulting
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Dialog conferences
  • Dialogical business facilitation


  • Extensive successful leadership experience
  • Passion for our integrated approach of consulting, facilitation, training and coaching
  • Pragmatism, partnership, effectiveness