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Dr. Peter Knüppel

Senior Partner Goll Consulting

Graduated (Diplom) in Chemistry and Dr. rer. nat.
20 years leadership experience
10 years training and consulting

After my doctorate, postdoc research in the US, and my assignment in the research department at Bayer AG, I accompanied product launches for many years as an international project manager, in Japan, for example.
After 2 years as assistant to a board member, I assumed the position of managing director and SVP for Molecular Diagnostics Bayer HealthCare in Berkeley, USA.

The topics change, integration and culture implementation have occupied and inspired me in various tasks since then. I integrated other companies in the USA via acquisitions and have continued these - in Germany - as managing director.
Following this, I designed and implemented as leading project manager the culture integration of Bayer and Schering, as well as the subsequent change in strategy. Overall I have international experience in more than 30 countries.

I have been a senior partner at Goll Consulting since 2011.

The main focus of my work in the international environment is: Change management and sustainable change processes, corporate culture and corporate strategies.

Location: Cologne



  • Company culture
  • Dialog conferences
  • Teambuilding


  • Sustainable change and strategy alignment
  • Company and cultural integrations


  • Leadership programs
  • Top management consulting and coaching


  • Company strategies
  • Mission statement