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Managing Partner Goll Consulting

Graduated (Diplom) in Psychology and Business Administration
10 years leadership experience
30 years training and consulting

"Our common task as leaders and consultants is to see the organization not as it is, but as it should be in the future."

After almost 20 years as a Partner / Senior Partner at Goll Consulting, I have been Managing Partner of Goll Consulting since 2021. The focus of my work is on conducting demanding leadership programs, challenging change management projects and process-oriented strategy consulting on a national and international level.

My interest in those topics stems primarily from my time at Lufthansa Consulting. There I initially worked as a leadership trainer and consultant before I took over management of the business consulting department.

As head of management consulting, I was able to combine the two departments management training and business consulting and thus work "holistically". In this function, I led an international team of consultants. I was responsible for many international consulting and training projects (organizational and management development, strategy consulting and restructuring) for various service and industrial companies, also outside the aviation business.

I enjoy working in a team with colleagues from within the client company. I see myself as an "enablement" consultant and am happy to pass on my ideas, know-how and experience to the client.

Location: Bonn



  • National and international leadership programs

  • Inhouse trainings

  • Business coaching


  • Design and change of corporate culture
  • New work concepts

  • Team development and alignment


    • Development mission statement (vision, mission, values, strategic fields of action)

    • Dialogical strategy development

    • Development of corporate and division strategy


    • Project lead in change management
    • Change management qualification
    • Facilitation of key events