Our principles

Orientation on values
We create values for and with our customers. Values could be a meaningful corporate culture, team performance, personal development, financial performance or brand equity.

Cooperation on a partnership basis is the foundation for us and for working with our customers.

We assume responsibility for the assignment and for the quality of our work. We make responsibility clear.

We respect every person and value differing views.

We only accept assignments if we have the necessary skills, experience and resources. We have to be sure that we can offer our customers distinguishing performance in the projects we take on.

Growth and size
We strive for the ideal and not for the maximum size for our company. Our performance cannot be measured on a scale and depends on personal commitment. As a group of partners, we learn with each other, as well as from each other.

Our action is oriented on ecological, social and economic sustainability. We incorporate varied sustainable points of view in our consultancy and training projects. Whether it is in strategy and change processes or in the form of sustainable training methods.