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Our international network partners

We support our clients when it comes to dialogical strategy development, leadership development, change as well as potential analysis. In this context, international projects are no exception, but challenges we accompany, taking radical responsibility and strategic foresight. Thanks to the international experience of our consulting team, we grant support in English and other languages, benefiting from the broad intercultural experience our team members bring to the table.

Naturally, if projects require consultants to be present at our client’s location, we cooperate with a wide range of boutique consultancies such as ARCH Performance (USA), Fire and Shield (Scandinavia), Humantec (Italy) or Aguamarina Consultores (Spain). This gives our clients the triple benefit of high quality standards, local presence and leadership experience.

Stuart Hardy

New Cannibals, Great Britain

Rick Swegan

Arch Performance, USA

Debra Dinnocenzo

Virtual Works!, USA

Marie Autier

Freelance trainer and consultant, France

Maria Lamas

Freelance trainer and consultant, France

Stefan Schulte

Beyonde, France

Boris Dobis

YPnet, s. r. o., Slovakia

Marek Cupiał

BMC Consulting, Poland

Fejérdi Ildikó

Freelance trainer and consultant, Hungary

Elize Langeland Dimare

Fire & Shield, Denmark

Johnny Sørensen

Fire & Shield, Denmark

Marta Residori

Humantek, Italy

Gerardo Kuhlmann

Grupo Aguamarina Consultares, Spain & Mexico

Belen Lopez de Andres

Grupo Aguamarina Consultares, Spain

Ana Garcia Villas-Boas

Madavi, Cultural & Business Transformation, Spain

Ricardo Porém

EFFECTIVE Strategy Implementation, Portugal

Karina Leyser

Freelance trainer and consultant, Brazil